Reader Response to Bill Britton’s Article on “Shame.”

1-11-10_Anger_of_Achilles, 1/11/10, 4:09 PM, 8C, 6522x9521 (1056+1134), 100%, Repro 1.8 v2, 1/8 s, R69.0, G51.7, B57.6

1-11-10_Anger_of_Achilles, 1/11/10, 4:09 PM, 8C, 6522×9521 (1056+1134), 100%, Repro 1.8 v2, 1/8 s, R69.0, G51.7, B57.6


For a long time now, I have wished we had a little more shame in our society, it served a useful purpose. Back when I was in high school, it was shameful to get pregnant out of wedlock. Thanks to “Murphy Brown” and many celebrities since then, there is no shame in having any number of children and not being married. Of course, the character Murphy Brown could easily afford to be a single mom while a large majority of the young, single women raising kids today need help from families or the government.
Which leads us to the politicians and political activists with no shame…black on black crime is growing at an alarming rate with tens of thousands of young men killed every year in our cities.

What is shameful are the elected officials and leaders of groups like “Black Lives Matter” who do not even acknowledge the truth about why this is happening…school drop-outs, unwed mothers, no job skills and no jobs. It is more important for the Congressional Black Caucus to stand on the steps of the US Capital saying “hands up, don’t shoot” and perpetuating the myth that a policeman gunned down an innocent black youth than it is for them to actually DO SOMETHING about the REAL PROBLEM.
When Mr. Trump’s comments and those of others start killing people, I’ll be worried about the tenor of public discourse. Until then, we should be supporting the candidates who speak the truth and don’t shamefully pander to the voters, spewing lies about being victims of racism, voter ID bills being racist, the need for more welfare, free day-care, more food stamps and free cell phones.

What we need is more shame, as you said.
But then again, shame comes from the moral basis that there is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Unfortunately, too many people today don’t want us to be moral judges – that smacks too much of religiosity…good and evil and a higher power to whom we all must answer. So we come full circle – how do you teach decency, integrity and chastity in a sectarian society? Hmmm?

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