Now Another Story About Palm Bay City Hall: Calvin Lewis Holton


Mug Shot: Calvin Lewis Holton


On August 16, 2015 we wrote about how since the November 2014 City Council election, eight Palm Bay officials, with a combined 172 years of service, have either resigned or been terminated.

Then on August 22  we wrote that Stuart Buchanan, Palm Bay Director of Growth Management served time in Leavenworth for receiving, transporting and selling stolen property as well as conspiracy and selling firearms without a license.

On August 30 we wrote that James Marshall, Director of the Bay Front Community Redevelopment Agency is James Cundiff.

We followed that up on September 21 with an article that Mr. Marshall/Cundiff has a “limited drivers license” that allows him to drive to work but does not allow recreational driving because of owing $ 65,015.25 in child support.

Now we’ve been directed to City Counselor Calvin Lewis Holton (aka Tres Holton), who was  taken into custody on September 17, 2012 in Palm Beach County, Florida and charged with “trespassing – property not structured or conveyed.”  The booking number was 2012038850. (That was only three years ago.)

Trespass on Property Other Than a Structure or Conveyance is a type of trespass which occurs when a person who, without being authorized, licensed, or invited, willfully enters upon or remains in any property other than a structure or conveyance.

A structure includes any building with a roof on it, plus the area immediately around the edge of the building, called the curtilage.

A conveyance includes any motor vehicle.

The elements that must be proven at trial for this offense are as follows:

The defendant willfully entered upon or remained in the property alleged;

The property was owned by or in the lawful possession of the person/entity claiming the trespass;

Notice not to enter upon or remain in that property had been given by either actual communication or by posting, cultivation, or fencing on the property, and
the defendant’s entering upon or remaining in the property was without the permission, express or implied, of the person or entity claiming the trespass or any other person authorized to give that permission.

See Section 810.09, Florida Statutes.

Was Mr. Holton really trespassing in Palm Beach County?  If not, why is there a mug shot?

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