Back and Forth on Stanford Erickson’s Article: “Why Trump’s Views Resonate.”




“Mr. Britton, If you have run a medium to large scale business, you would know that there are ways to “get the Mexicans to pay for it” other than Mexican government writing a check for the construction project. It may not show up on the Mexican budget balance sheet – but through trade transactions, tariffs and the like, Mexico very well can pay for some or all of the wall.

And based on another article in this edition of the Communique it is my guess that those Latinos are very, very happy to have a job with Mr. Trump’s organization and are probably not part of the working poor the article reports on.

Lastly, I think many Americans would agree – not that Senator McCain doesn’t deserve our gratitude for his service – his service to our country did not give him the creditials to be a great Senator. In fact, he has been a terrible one. Just look at the condition of the Vets healthcare system while Senator McCain has been in office…for how many 6-year terms? He’s been there far longer than Prez Obama and I haven’t heard him make a national issue out of it as Trump has.

There are many things our current crop of establishment RINO’s should be ashamed of. And we’re happy that anyone, including Donald Trump is telling it like it is.”


“One characteristic that lies at the core of any bully is cowardice. At the core of those with an inflated ego is an inability to endure even moderate criticism. Donald Trump’s core is saturated with these two traits. His supporters discount this with these and similar remarks: “Oh, it’s just his way” or, “He really doesn’t mean what he says.”

Too many Americans have degraded the notions of decency, integrity, and charity: in a word, they no longer regard one’s simple humanity to be important when they choose their elected officials. Indeed, with apologies to Aldous Huxley, we are entering a Brave New World.

But speaking to your comments regarding ‘the wall,’ conservative David Brook’s article in The New York Times more or less shatters the need for one:


He writes, ‘Roughly 1.6 percent of immigrant males between ages 18 and 39 wind up incarcerated, compared with 3.3 percent of native-born American men of the same age.

Among native-born men without a high school diploma, about 11 percent are incarcerated. Among similarly educated Mexican, Guatemalan and Salvadoran men here, only 2 or 3 percent get incarcerated.’

Brooks goes on by citing another statistic: ‘There are more Mexicans leaving the United States than coming in. According to the Pew Research Center, there was a net outflow of 140,000 from 2009 to 2014. If Trump builds his wall, he’ll lock more Mexican immigrants in than he’ll keep out.’

All of which begs the question: Where’s the problem?”

Tension Rise On Mexican Border After Border Patrol Agent Slain Last Week

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

One thought on “Back and Forth on Stanford Erickson’s Article: “Why Trump’s Views Resonate.”

  1. First, to use the long dispelled moniker for David Brooks of ‘conservative’ shows a lack of understanding regarding people in the media, but be that as it may….
    You are correct…”Too many Americans have degraded the notions of decency, integrity, and charity: in a word, they no longer regard one’s simple humanity to be important…” In fact, Breitbart news is going to run a series of articles about how people on both sides of the party divide – particularly the left through social media – are reaching an all time low in their public discourse. The first is linked here on the horrendous things said about Nancy Reagan when she passed away this weekend.
    As far as incarcerations go and criminal behavior among illegal immigrants, I suggest the readers go to the NC FIRE, North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, website. Here you will see where they track NC victims killed by illegal aliens and their work in 2014 and 2015 tracking the numbers of child rape cases by month by confirmed or suspected illegal aliens. One year ago in March there were 205 charges committed by 67 individuals – and that was a normal month. (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement also have an excellent website.)
    We have only to look back at the thousands of women and children who pored over the border from Honduras, Guatemala and other countries south of Mexico and read now that our government is preparing for another wave of mainly women and unacommpanied minors (75,000) to know that there is a major problem at the southern border. We also know it was because the Obama administration did nothing to stop the word from spreading that we would let them stay and even contracted with companies to handle transportation and housing that this nightmare occurred.
    The Brooks claim that more Mexicans are leaving than are coming may sound great to you and Brooks – but that doesn’t do anything for the vast numbers of illegals who are coming from other countries or are being brought here through refugee resettlement programs. It is in fact a part of the over-arching ‘self-deportation’ program that will be an integral part of Trumps ‘build a wall’ project and that has been scoffed at in the past.
    As Numbers USA experts point out, a number of things happen once you announce you are building a wall and you are deporting those here illegally. First, people stop coming; second, people start leaving; and third, people start getting serious about registering and starting the legalization process. It actually makes having to start deporting people easier and when you combine it with strict e-verify, enforcement of ICE immigration laws and everything else that goes into a sane immigration policy, the problem improves immensely.
    But, as Ronald Reagan found out, you MUST close the border and, I believe, you MUST build a wall. Why? Because our country is mired in debt and illegal immigrants are adding to the debt exponentially. Illegals can qualify for Medicaid, food stamps, welfare and a number of other social service programs. The Heritage Foundation has an excellent report on the costs to taxpayers.
    For another discussion but related – Muslim refugees being resettled around the country receive housing, food stamps and cash payments while the resettlement organizations are raking in taxpayer dollars as well. As Donald said, “illegal immigrants are often treated better than our veterans!”


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