Two Readers Comment on The Then President of the National Press Club’s Statement on Trump’s Use of “Fake News.”



(The National Press Club is the world’s leading professional organization for journalists. Through its Press Freedom Committee, the club works to promote freedom of expression and transparency at home and abroad.)

To access the then-National Press Club’s president Thomas Burr’s statement, please click on this link:

JANUARY 28, 2017

“So, exactly what IS “fake news”?

Is it when CNN highlights a false news story involving a fake dossier promoted by the disgraced former CIA Director?

If not, then again, exactly what IS “fake news”?

Evidently, CNN can dish it out, but they cannot take it.

It was utterly irresponsible to promote a story that had no legitimate underpinning. When the CNN reporter at the center of promoting “fake news” as legitimate did not get his way (insisting on being recognized for a question when another reporter had already been recognized), Trump was not being petty by refusing to tolerate the reporter’s rude interruptions.

USA Today runs a story under the headline, “Trump delays signing order to investigate unfounded voter fraud claims”.

What do they mean, “unfounded”? USA Today is in no position to make any such claim.

There are many examples of voter fraud, voter registration fraud, and vote count fraud and/or the clear opportunity for any of these fraudulent practices.

In a 2012 report, Pew Research reported that “approximately 24 million or 1 in 8 registrations are significantly inaccurate or no longer valid” with “1.8 million deceased individuals… listed as voters” and “12 million records [that] contain an incorrect address.”

During Detroit, Michigan’s recent recount effort, many sealed ballot boxes were found to contain a mere fraction of the ballots that should have been in the boxes, according to official vote totals marked on the outside of the boxes. Hillary Clinton had an overwhelming majority in Detroit. These discrepancies shut down the process as they could not legally be resolved (Michigan law prohibits opening ballots if the number of ballots in the box does not match the vote tally on the outside of the box!).

In California, their “motor voter” law encourages alien voter registrations. All one need do to become registered to vote in California is obtain a valid driver’s license (does not require proof of citizenship) and then when registering to vote, simply claim to be a citizen without any proof of citizenship being required. The opportunity for massive vote fraud in California is clear. California’s voter registration system is, itself, a fraud because it fails to authenticate any claim of citizenship.

During the past election, a number of localities across the country had problems with computer voting that were remarkably identical in nature. A voter would select to vote a straight GOP ticket, yet if the voter checked the individual votes, the only non-GOP vote about to be registered was for President. Was there a worm in the computerized vote station that activated on election day and destroyed itself when polls closed? Was such a worm designed to switch a certain percentage of Trump votes to Hillary Clinton?

These don’t even touch on vote fraud practices in corrupt election districts of heavily urban areas under the firm control of the Democrat Party for many decades.

Clearly, the Pew report provides sufficient evidence to justify Trump’s concern as NOT “unfounded”.

So is USA Today guilty of “fake news” with their false claim that Trump’s concerns are “unfounded” when, in fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest widespread vote fraud?

If Mr. Burr is seriously concerned with promoting the practice of “dogged and investigative news that is fundamental to our country” then he’d do well to support Trump’s call for an investigation of voter registration fraud, voter fraud, and vote tally fraud.

It is the height of “fake news” to try to pass off the egregious actions of CNN and USA Today (described above) and their “fake news” activities as an example of “honest mistakes”.

Trying to deflect legitimate accusations against highly biased legacy news operations (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., etc.) who are being blatantly dishonest in their “reporting” by pointing a finger at online news resources as the source of “fake news” is, in itself, nothing short of fake news!”


JANUARY 28, 2017 AT 3:35 PM

“Fake news”…Let’s see, there are the Podesta and DNC emails that show the MSM is now a part of the opposition party and supplying all sorts of FAKE NEWS in support of the Dems and against Trump. Then there’s the fake news about the bust of MLK being removed, the faked pictures to show fewer people in attendance at the inaugural. Last but not least is the editing of Ari Fleischer’s interview by ABC to slur Sean Spicer – and it was so bad they had to apologize.

The MSM is working overtime to create Fake News against the GOP and Trump because they can’t stand reporting all of the positive things that are happening and how Trump is running rings around them. The National Press Club has lost all credibility.


JANUARY 28, 2017 AT 4:27 PM

Well said and spot on!

Major organizations comprising the misnamed “mainstream” news media that were the core of the “fourth estate” have become the “fifth column” of the Leftist Democratic Party, taking on the role of “Ministry of Disinformation” for the DNC.

The fatal Achilles Heel of the Left is their monumental hubris. It is what encourages the Left to believe its own propaganda (in the form of news narratives).

When purveyors of not-very-subtle politically-motivated false narratives start believing their own fiction, we are treated to the spectacle of “pot calling the kettle black” when “the usual suspects” in news accuse others of promoting “fake news”.

2 thoughts on “Two Readers Comment on The Then President of the National Press Club’s Statement on Trump’s Use of “Fake News.”

  1. Was it really necessary to use FOX News in your “Fake” news cartoon?

    Given the wealth of fake news narratives that have been all over CNN, USA Today, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., one would think a fair-minded person would pick one of those (e.g., CNN for it’s fake news story of the secret dossier on Trump).

    Ironically, FOX News provides the ONLY resource for balance and objective reporting.


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