Fifth Generation Wireless Technologies with Higher Wave Frequencies Will Be Coming to Vero Beach.

5G (5th Generation) Deployment and the Internet of Things.

According to “5G refers to the ‘5th generation’ wireless technology.  Its intended purpose is to provide faster and higher capacity data transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and for faster video streaming.

That said, no one is yet clear about how 5G will be achieved, so at present, it is being used more as a marketing term than a reality.

What is clear is that 5g will include the higher Millimeter Wave frequencies never before used for public Internet and communications technology. These waves do not travel easily through buildings so will require millions of new cell towers. The wireless telecom industry is aggressively seeking to outfit nearly every lamppost and utility post around the country with a wireless ‘small cell’ antenna potentially beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, 24/7.”

Vero Beach

On February 21, 2017 the Vero Beach City Council addressed the issue of FG deployment and after hearing an impassioned plea from Vero Beach resident Ms. Stephanie Austin, who has studied the health impact of wireless radiation for five years, voted unanimously for a one year “Moratorium Ordinance” to prevent 5G deployment in Vero Beach. Ms. Austin called 5G deployment a “critical health issue.”

Before the unanimous vote Vero Beach City Attorney Wayne R. Coment explained that in addition to the 5G small cells, the upcoming Florida SB649 wants “to preempt the local governments from regulating your rights away. You have no right to regulate what goes in or where you place these towers.”


But then in Tallahassee despite the objection of The Florida League of Cities, on June 23, 2017 Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law HB687: The “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act” (5G Small Cells), which was effective July 1, 2017.

The Florida League of Cities is the united voice for Florida’s municipal governments. Its goals are to serve the needs of Florida’s cities and promote local self-government.

According to Gray/Robinson, Attorneys at Law, Florida’s HB687 “provides for access to public rights of way for various facilities, including: 1) collocation of small cell facilities on government-owned poles, 2) installation of new poles to accommodate facilities; 3) installation of ground mounted equipment; and 4) installation of micro cells.

Wireless providers and infrastructure companies have been seeking pole attachment agreements and applying for permits to install broadband infrastructure in the rights of way in Florida and around the country.”




On October 10.15.17 California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed SB 649, backed by the cell phone industry, that would have made it easier to install microwave radiation antennas.  The Bill scales back local government permit processes for antennas and equipment for wireless services.

In a signing statement, Brown wrote that while he saw the value in “extending this ​innovative technology rapidly and efficiently,” the bill took too much control away from cities and counties.

“The Governor’s veto of SB 649 protects Californians from exposure to millimeter radiation from as many as 50,000 new cell towers,” according to Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health,

He noted that more than 180 scientists and doctors have signed a declaration calling for a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas required for 5G deployment, “as we are concerned about the health effects including neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer.”

Sources: The Mercury News.

5G Wireless Radiation Dangers

Vero Beach resident Ms. Stephanie Austin, who we referred to earlier as an expert in wireless radiation, submitted these facts.


If you do not want a micro cell tower on your street emitting 24/7 millimeter wave radiation – for life – please read the information below.

*The Florida Legislature voted overwhelmingly for 5G deployment and the bill was signed by the Governor in July 2017. Thousands of micro cells will be deployed throughout Florida near homes and schools.
*5G deployment was recently vetoed in California.
*There are NO long or short term health studies proving 5G safety in the general population. Children, the elderly and those with immune disorders are particularly at risk.
*400 cities in Florida voiced objection based on property rights and the use of cells on public right of ways.
*80 cities in Ohio are suing based on property rights.
*The Telecom Act prohibits communities from objecting to locations based on health.
*The City of Vero Beach has a moratorium until Feb. 2018.
*NO scientists have been asked to testify in front of Congress.                                                   * Currently there are 58 pending Federal bills that will clear the way for deployment throughout the nation.                                                                                                                     *Rollout is about 2 years out.The Florida Legislature voted overwhelmingly for neighborhood saturation of micro cell towers in the public right of way.

Until safety is proved, high frequency millimeter wave technology should not be rolled out on the general public. Safety is only assumed. Call your representatives now!”

A Washington, DC Lobbyist, Kevin Motius, who works with Ms. Austin wrote that of the 115 new wireless related bills currently in Congress, “approximately 40 bills seem particularly egregious focused on wireless expansion – the spectrum needed, the installation of small cells, the funding for deployment especially in rural areas, and the legal handcuffing of residents to say no to these bills for any reason especially health and environmental factors.

The roll out of such a vast number of bills shows how aggressively and quickly the Wireless Industry through its congressional representatives is working to blanket our country with 5G ultra high frequency wireless radiation (24Ghz to 90Ghz) with transmitters every 2-10 homes.

Phone calls and emails to congressional offices has largely been our mode of intervening thus far with questionable effectiveness. I have found that meetings with congressional staff does not get information to the congressional Members. Thus, the only way to be heard for certain is to MEET with the congress members themselves and demand they protect us from this reckless expansion and challenge their denial of wireless radiation health effects and confront their refusal to protect citizens on any level.

Millions of 5G micro cells in neighborhood right of ways across the US are a threat to health, privacy and security. Remember that the FCC is a “Captured Agency” run by the wireless industry – they are not a health or safety agency.”

Now what for Vero Beach?

The one year moratorium is still is in effect as reported by City officials, but it is due to expire on 2.21.18.  That’s two month’s away.

At this time proposals from wireless carriers can be submitted but approval will require regulations to be put in place.

The City will be required to develop rules to provide for the use of right of ways.

If you are reading this you need to know about this and find out how it would impact where you live, we and the Vero Beach City Council not only needs to keep an eye on this but begin to deal with process for determining the right of ways.

Ms. Austin wrote:  “I would not doubt that ‘Big Wireless’ has already been knocking on the door here.

My questions are these: How do we know what the RF measurements are and if they exceed already high/lax FCC guidelines….that have not been updated in 20 years.

*These micro cell towers should be labeled so that children are not playing around them
*Power supply boxes should not be located at bus stops or near accident prone intersections
*To whom do we call if we have a problem cell tower – the FCC?
*These towers should not be placed in very close proximity to already vulnerable populations – distance is our friend.
*What is the danger to the installers who are at great risk from daily cumulative millimeter RF exposure?

City and county officials would be wise to call for a presentation from Verizon, AT&T or others – soon. At the very least we deserve to know what is coming. Erin Grall spoke on this topic for a short time last week on the Steve Meyer show. I hope there is a podcast??

This is quite possibly one of the most important issues of our lifetime. Health, privacy and security are all at risk – 5G will usher in a new era.”

One consideration for why “the wireless Industry through its congressional representatives is working to blanket our country with 5G ultra high frequency wireless radiation,” is that members of Congress took in $101 million in campaign donations from Internet Service Providers. (ISP)

Verizon chart

Would this have anything to do with that fact that no scientists or physicians have been invited to speak at hearings on the repercussions of mass 5G deployment:

T.C. Sottek and The Center for Responsive Politics wrote on Dec 11, 2017 that: “Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and others spread their money far and wide to influence your government.”

Here is a link to the site with statistics on wireless industry’s $ 101 million in donations, including the amount of donations made to specific members of Congress.



14 thoughts on “Fifth Generation Wireless Technologies with Higher Wave Frequencies Will Be Coming to Vero Beach.

  1. Dry goodinformationTom. Keep up the good work.


    On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 12:56 PM Vero Communiqué wrote:

    > hardythomast posted: “ > 5G (5th > Generation) Deployment and the Internet of Things. According to > “5G refers to the ‘5th generation’ wireless technology. > Its intended purpose is to provide faster and h” >


  2. Ms. Austin is demanding proof that the proposed radiation is safe. I would like to point out that there is also no proof of any harm from radiation in the proposed wavelength. Let us all sit back and wait, and let scientific and technological progress come screeching to a halt, because one Luddite has asked for proof of a negative (which is always virtually impossible to provide), while failing to provide any proof of her own that harm is in fact imminent. Society has truly fallen down a rabbit hole.


  3. From what I understand, most of us are living in ever greater amounts of the radio waves used to transmit data including 24/7 wifi, transmission units on our water and electric meters, our cell phones and i-pads and the list goes on. The close proximity of the 5G antennae on every lamp post will exponentially increase the amount of radio waves surrounding us. Many of us may be too old to have the 24/7 effects impact our health but who is to say that school children (who also have wifi throughout their schools all day) won’t be impacted after 12 years of exposure? Shall we throw the dice on their health?


    • Radio waves have been proven safe for over a century. They simply have no health impact…there are no dice to throw. Waiting for a health study that has already been written is a waste of time, and delaying the education of children currently in school.


      • I said nothing about delaying education of children. As you said, ‘there’s an on/off switch.” I was educated in a public school system without the benefit of wifi, but that’s beside the point and a discussion of the curriculum and materials coming (unchecked by parents) into schools via the internet is for another time. When there is a long-term study done on young, growing children that shows no ill effects while being surrounded by waves 24/7, then I will declare you correct. Has there been one? Or do we just continue on basing our decisions on years old studies that don’t reflect current environments and humans?


      • Removing wifi access necessarily delays education in today’s world. While we were educated without benefit of wifi, today’s generation is educated in a school system that has for the past 15+ years gone all in on technology. Today’s texts come with digital accessories and augmentations for the classroom. A/V presentations are now wifi-digital. Without wifi, school grinds to a halt. Further, an analog school in today’s world is at a gross competitive disadvantage. So, while your comment about your experience may have emotional appeal, it ignores today’s reality. As for children being surrounded by radio waves 24/7, you will find that this has been the case since the first decade of the 20th century, through the Radio Era of the 1930s. If you are worried about handheld radio waves next to a child’s skull, I refer you to the transistor radio age of the 1950s and 1960s. The complete absence of any disease pattern from over a century of experience shows the lack of need for any further study. And yes, the current wifi radio waves are of the same frequency range as radio waves of the past century. Unless and until there is a disease, there is no need for a cure.


  4. The additional aspect of privacy deprivation and control should not be overlooked. These “smart” devices will monitor your appliance usage and as in Europe, limit when or if you can simultaneously use your washing machine, cook dinner, watch television, turn on your computer and your lights. It already controls the hours of operation for air conditioners in many U.S. homes. These trends will continue to increase incrementally and marketed under the usual propaganda methods proving once again that the public can be persuaded to do anything including choices that are bad for our health and security.


  5. There are many videos on the very real dangers of microwave and now millimeter wave radio frequency radiation exposures. No other video has been so eloquently presented as this one by Jimmy Gonzales, Esq. of Pembroke Pines, FL. Sadly, he did not live long enough to see his daughters grow up or to know that this short video would have over 21,000 views. Radio Frequency Radiation was determined to be a Class 2B Carcinogen in 2011. There is now enough evidence to reclassify the cumulative effects of RFR to an even higher level: see for a compilation of medical studies. For further research – The Harvard Edmond J. Safer Center for Ethics: “How the FCC is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates” by Norm Alster.
    I am not a scientist or an expert, but it is my belief that this is a basic right to know issue. If there is a micro cell tower 10 feet from my son’s bedroom window – we have the right to know.
    Many thanks to Vero Communique for this important article.


    • WOW!! You sure aren’t a scientist, and you sure can spin a web of deception!! IARC, an arm of WHO, which is itself a questionable organization, classified radio frequencies in category 2B in 2011. Category 2B contains POSSIBLE human carcinogens, based on a tenuous link to gliomas, yet you make the leap and label the category as “2B Carcinogens.” Fake News much? No American group, not the CDC, not the ACS, not the AMA, not the NIH, has linked radio waves to cancer. You correctly state that you are not a scientist or expert. But the scientists and experts disagree with you. You rely on Norm Alster, a journalist by training. I prefer to rely on biomedical physicists. So far, they all disagree with you on this issue. The research that you point to in your post does NOT support radio waves, and particularly cellphone radio waves, as a source of disease in humans. And so you get my point, I well understand that radiation can be extremely dangerous, depending upon the wavelength being applied. I was always sure to impress this upon my students when I was teaching radiology at NYU.


  6. Every device has an “off” switch, or can be unplugged, have its battery removed, or otherwise be disabled. Be VERY careful with your vote. But technology, once invented, can NOT be uninvented. That is why certain areas of scientific inquiry are best off being avoided (this was Einstein’s position on nuclear devices, and is a current “hot” bioethics topic regarding cloning).


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