Vero Beach, FL “Beachside Parking Information for City Council.”


TO:                  James R. O’Connor, City Manager

VIA:                 Monte K. Falls, P. E, Director of Public Works

FROM:           Matthew T. Mitts, P. E. Assistant City Engineer

August 28, 2018

Beachside Parking Information for City Council

In the beachside commercial area bounded by Ocean Drive (from Gayfeather Lane to Date Palm Road) and Cardinal Drive (from Flamevine Lane to Beachland Blvd) there are 755 public parking spaces. Six new parking spaces were recently added south of Beachland Boulevard by modifying striping or curbing and some minimal paving. These six new spaces represent what is the last of any low-cost parking additions that could be added south of Beachland and east of Cardinal Drive. Creation of more parking in this area would require sacrificing open space, or capital improvement types of projects such as redesigning the corridor of Ocean Drive or Cardinal.

The possibility exists to add additional spaces within the right of way adjacent to private properties. The City’s long-standing policy is to post “No Parking” signs in front of any property at the request of the property owner. This policy is based on the premise that excessive parking on grassed areas within the right of way and against the owner’s wishes would damage the turf causing expense to the property owner.

We have contacted all of the property owners north of Beachland Boulevard about removing existing “No Parking” signs and only one business on Banyan Road was in favor. As a result, we removed the signs and space exists for seven parallel spaces (the right-of-way area is not wide enough to safely accommodate angled parking). There would be room for 1O more parallel spaces in front of the businesses that objected to removing the signs.

To date we have not contacted any property owners south of Beachland and west of Cardinal Drive in regard to allowing parallel parking in the right of way. This area west of Cardinal seems to be too far away from the commercial area as evidenced by vacant spaces on Cardinal Drive.

In a 2007 report prepared for the City, a consultant projected that an additional 32 spaces could be added on Cardinal Drive by moving the parking to the center of the roadway. Our reviews of this area only shows that 13 spaces could be added. Using the consultant’s cost estimate inflating it to today’s dollars would result in a cost per block of approximately $134,000. The 6 blocks of Cardinal Drive between Flamevine and Beachland would be approximately $670,000.

We have included a map which shows the area in question and parking spaces by type.

For access to the map and the official correspondence please visit this link.


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