Sherry Nist Corey: Opinion on Vero Beach, FL With Unpleasant Beachside Parking Meters.

Vero Beach

Parking meters are an eyesore, complicated machines for many and completely unnecessary ANYWHERE in Vero.


If the proponents intent is to provide doorstep parking on demand for their customers, meters will NOT provide such. Meters do not give any business “reserved parking spaces”.

Meters are a regressive tax on customers (AND Beachside businesses) and will allow ANYONE to pay to park in the space (owned by the City of Vero Beach).

First come, first served.

I am a beachside resident and employee at Cravings.  I ride my bike, walk or drive my car multiple times along Cardinal and Ocean Drive daily and never see the parking problem that seems to be exaggerated by some.  The problem I do see is that we are all a tad spoiled by expecting  (and often finding) doorstep parking along Ocean Drive and it’s connecting streets.

Even I become a little impatient if I cannot park exactly where I want to park.  BUT, the reality is I CAN find a spot a block or two away.  Walking is not a bad thing ladies and gentleman.  In walking a few blocks to your destination (unless you are handicapped), you may enjoy the benefits of stretching your legs, inhaling the Ocean air, meeting a new dog and its owner(s) and you might even discover a new park or business in our thriving and unique Beachside business area.

Dumping meters Beachside is a shortsighted, knee jerk band-aid aimed at parking which, isn’t even the real problem.


One last thought:  It would be interesting to know whom the “preferred vendor” of these proposed meters is and who stands to benefit from a lucrative contract to install, service and operate these parking meters/kiosks?


Parking meters


Sherry Nist Corey is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Vero Communiqué.

Vero Communiqué is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Ms. Corey’s opinions are her own and not those of Vero Communiqué.

Ms. Corey lived in Mexico City for two of her elementary school years.  This experience was responsible for her love for language, culture, Spanish and the adventures of living abroad.

Sherry graduated with a BA from the University of South Carolina Honors College in Columbia, South Carolina with a double-major in Economics & International Studies.


3 thoughts on “Sherry Nist Corey: Opinion on Vero Beach, FL With Unpleasant Beachside Parking Meters.

  1. I’d go beachside less if there were parking meters. Nice places on the mainland to visit for eating out and shopping. I think they’d hurt businesses more than help.


  2. Thomas, having trouble posting comment… here it is if you can post for me:

    This is not rocket science! Many small resort towns deal with a parking issue. Hendersonville in Western NC mountains is a charming town and crowded in the summer. A good number of years ago they met with planners for recommendations on street and parking alternatives. Now they have open-ended and time limited free parking on Main Street and sides streets as well as approximately 3 metered parking lots about a block away on side streets. During the summer there is plenty of parking for seasonal residents and tourists to enjoy all of the shops and many restaurants. Off season, there is plenty of free parking for year round residents.

    The property used for parking needs to contribute some revenue to the city since it doesn’t generate revenue from businesses. And the parking ticket machines are easy to use with cash or credit and it’s not expensive.

    Important to note for the writer above…the many people coming to the Ocean Drive area are why you have a job. The city needs to make parking as easy and close as possible for as many people as possible. It’s what drives the economy and creates jobs for many.

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  3. I totally disagree, I don’t hold any position beachside but I go almost daily. There are always places to park even if it’s a block away. I will stop going in less I have to if meters are installed. This is simply politicians looking to the change the uniqueness of Vero Beach and raise revenue. The sales tax brings in lots of revenue. We moved to Vero Beach for a reason and I will fight to remove any politician fighting to change the beach area as we want it to remain.


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