How Wikipedia Can Help or Hurt You.

NPC Communicators Lunch and Learn: How Wikipedia Can Help or Hurt You, July 8

Tom McMahon

June 28, 2021

Wikipedia is one of the most used and powerful research tools online, with billions of people around the world every day looking up information in the free online encyclopedia. While Wikipedia has received praise for its enablement of the democratization of knowledge, it has been criticized for its perceived unreliability and for exhibiting systemic bias.

On Thursday, July 8, at noon, the National Press Club Communicators Team will host a virtual Lunch and Learn educational session about how Wikipedia can help or hurt you and what communicators can do to manage the information on the site for their organizations, companies and clients. 

Admission to the program is free for NPC members, and $15 for non-members. Proceeds from the event will support the Club’s Help The Heroes Program. It provides freshly made to-go meals to workers at Howard University Hospital, which serves communities of color that are often the most impacted by COVID-19. Click here to register

Josh Greene
Josh Greene

Josh Greene, the CEO of The Mather Group, will moderate the program. His firm helps companies manage how they are found online through Wikipedia and search engine optimization (SEO). He will discuss how Wikipedia pages are developed about an organization or company and its products and services.

Greene will also conduct live reviews of Wikipedia pages during the session and suggest strategies to address concerns about them.

Before joining the Mather Group, Greene managed marketing communications at both 1-800-PACK-RAT and Zippy Shell, and Discovery Communications, where he oversaw online marketing for

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