Vero Communiqué has emerged as a leader in regional journalism.  We provide in-depth knowledge and insight on important issues facing Vero Beach, Indian River County; as well as National and International issues that affect our area.

From 2018-2019 our readership increased 42%, reaching 100’s of highly engaged and influential readers.  We have been serving readers since 2015.

Vero Communiqué encourages a free and open exchange of ideas by welcoming reader’s editorial submissions. Through discussions like these we can all learn more about the topics themselves and the perspectives of others.

Vero Communiqué subscribes to what Walter Lippmann believed, that the purpose of journalism is to do “intelligence work,” to get the facts to communicate to citizens, who are then able to form their opinion(s).

Vero Communiqué is independent, non-partisan and a registered non-profit on-line news organization that seeks to provide authoritative reporting in the public interest.  We subscribe to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

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In order to inspire youth interest in journalism, in 2018 Vero Communiqué founded the Young Authors Program, a program for fourth and fifth graders to learn journalism by doing it. 

young authors

The Young Authors Program meets 13 of the Language Arts Florida Standards for grade five and aligns itself with three objectives of the School District Strategic Plan and/or School Improvement Plan. 

The Program is included as an after-school program in the School District of Indian River County, FL.

Each student comes away from the Program with knowledge above and beyond their peers.  These aspiring journalists learn to understand the importance of research, investigation and the Constitutional protections of Freedom of the Press. They expand their knowledge of vocabulary, effective communication, writing styles, history and computer skills, among others. 

One of roughly 75 such sites in the US, T T Online News Corp. D/B/A Vero Communiqué is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit.  

We depend on our exceptional readers for financial support.

Thomas Hardy, Publisher & Secretary


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