Contributed by Phyllis Frey, Vero Beach, FL*
Before you answer, bear in mind that smart meters do not actually raise your I.Q. However, if you are willing to relinquish your privacy in order to “feel” smarter, then the smart meter is for you.
At a time when cyber security is of utmost importance, this surveillance device is about to be installed by FPL on every residence in Vero Beach. Under the law of “implied consent” the smart meter sends your personal information to a data base not authorized to share your personal privacy with data-hungry corporations. Just trust them, eh?
The smart meter monitors every electrical outlet in your home. It tracks which electrical appliances you are using in your kitchen, how long you use your computer, when you enter the bathroom, when you are entering and leaving your home, when your security system is armed, when your garage door opens and much more.
FPL has published its smart meter Time of Usage schedule which sets higher rates of peak hours of usage. How does it work? Let’s say you come home from work and want to turn on your air conditioner and television, cook your dinner, do your laundry and use your computer. Not so fast. During these peak hours of operation, your electric bill will be higher. If you cannot be “urged” to modify your behavior voluntarily and curb your usage during these peak hours, the smart meter can turn off your air conditioner and lights when they say you should.
If you do not want to comply with FPL’s T.O.U. schedules, opting out of the smart meter will cost you a one-time fee of $89 and a monthly fee of $13 with no ceiling on costs to remain opted out.
Personally, I grew up in a family that was mindful of conserving electrical energy and controlling costs. Simply put, we were expected to turn off the lights in a room when we left it. Decades later, a smart meter was installed on my mother’s home. As a result, she spent three hours of every summer afternoon sweltering in the punishing heat because, at the age of 84, she was was promised that she would save the smattering sum of $14 per month if she would sign and agree to having her a.c. remotely turned off each day.
Protect yourself. Educate yourself. Visit and learn all you can about the smart meter surveillance device. Protect your 4th amendment rights—the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, their papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. 
I ask you again, “Are you smarter than a smart meter?” The answer is, only if you want to be.
Phyllis Frey
“Studies on radiation from smart meters show that electromagnetic frequencies disrupt and damage the nervous system.”
Smart meter install

* Phyllis Frey was a FAA Safety Check Airman and line Captain for Comair, the largest Regional Airline in the U.S. in the 1980’s, the Delta connection.

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