COVID-19 ALERT: Indian River County, FL.

Greg Rosencrance, MD

Dear Indian River County Community Partners: 

I wanted to update you with what Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital is seeing related to the COVID-19 surge in Indian River County. 

Hospitalization Rates

We have seen COVID-19 related hospitalizations go up exponentially since July 1. As of Monday, July 26, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital had 50 COVID-positive hospitalizations. 

This is the highest number of hospitalizations we have had at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital since the pandemic began. 

Approximately 90% of individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Those unvaccinated patients are younger and sicker patients than what we saw during previous surges and many require intensive oxygen therapy. 

We are also seeing high census rates for non-COVID patients, both in our inpatient settings and emergency departments. As such, we are closely monitoring our bed capacity levels across our hospitals. 

Visitor Policy Restrictions

Given the sustained surge, we will be changing our visitation policy from Level Orange to Level Red, effective Wednesday, July 28. This will restrict the number of visitors to our hospitals. We are taking this action to better protect our patients, visitors and caregivers during this COVID-19 surge. 

We continue to encourage individuals who have not been vaccinated to receive the vaccine. We also encourage people to follow CDC guidelines for masking, social distancing and observing good hand hygiene. 

We will continue to provide periodic updates regarding COVID-19 as the situation evolves. 


Greg Rosencrance, MD


Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 ALERT: Indian River County, FL.

  1. Interesting that the doctor points-out that most of these cases are unvaccinated people. What I want is a FULL report on the vaccinated, i.e. adverse reactions (multiple kinds-numbness, uncontrolled whole-body shaking, unexplained bleeding in women-even post-menopausal, unexplained blood clots, perfectly normal male teens with high rate of heart damage.) We used to get DAILY exhaustive reports on numbers of Covid cases, but silence about these insidious shots.

    CDC used to recall a vaccine if there were 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) or more adverse reactions. We have THOUSANDS, now! Later this year people’s bodies with experience cytokine storms-massive auto-immune events causing death.

    Then the deaths! My God, the medical community’s silence on all of this is deafening! There are 11 sites collecting this data-not just VAERS.

    All of these so-called Covid vaccines are not vaccines-anything BUT! One calls itself an Operating System as in technology. Nanoparticles are being injected that do what? Graphene oxide-what for? How idiotic to inject mRNA into cells to make spike proteins instead of just injecting pieces of them to cause a reaction to build immunity. That’s how a vaccine works.

    So, Sir, all I ask is that our community be informed of your VACCINATED who are being hospitalized (with mainly unexplained clots) and an accurate number of deaths that occur in healthy people soon after the shot.

    Since I must make a choice (if allowed to!) I would rather risk any Covid illness before permanently injecting some Mengele-inspired solution into my body. This is a CRIME against humanity!

    Whatever happened to “My body, my choice?” So far 60+ million innocent babies have been killed because of it.

    Christine Kebbel
    Sebastian, FL


  2. Why would you “encourage individuals who have not been vaccinated to receive the vaccine” if they’ve recovered from Covid and have natural immunity that is arguably better than the experimental vaccine-induced immunity produced by alien spike proteins that circumvent the natural immune system?

    Are you unaware that those who have natural immunity by virtue of their recovery from the Covid virus are more prone to serious adverse reactions to the experimental vaccines?

    Why would you promote an experimental vaccine for which no successful animal tests have been performed and no long-term human tests have been performed?

    Indeed, the “control” groups for the Moderna & Pfizer experimental vaccines who had not received the experimental vaccine have since been vaccinated prior to the expiration of the study, thereby eliminating any controlled basis for knowing the long term consequences of a vaccine that has produced a record number of deaths and severe adverse reactions that have caused permanent damage!

    Finally, what is the urgency to vaccinate people against a dying virus for which highly efficacious treatments exist (Ivermectin, HCQ, zinc + vitamins C & D, etc.) when the 18-month global Covid survival rate is 99.95% and the 18-month USA Covid survival rate is 99.82% (based on exaggerated Covid “deaths” as a consequence of using the CDC’s concocted “Covid death guideline” rather than the standard influenza death guideline). When reasonable estimates of the actual deaths caused by Covid are used, those survival figures increase to 99.997% (global) and 99.989% (USA).

    What is all the fuss about? And why the urgency to use an experimental vaccine for a disease with such a high survival rate?

    The CDC’s website shows just 6% of claimed “Covid” deaths were caused by the Covid (SARS-CoV-2) virus, other deaths associated with Covid attended severe comorbidities or fatal accidents! Investigations have shown that had the influenza death guideline been used rather than the CDC’s death-enhancing Covid death guideline, just 20% of the claimed deaths would have been counted.

    You also neglected to mention that the reliance on PCR testing to determine a case of the Covid virus is completely inappropriate (according to the late Kary Mullis, PhD, inventor of and Nobel Prize recipient for the PCR research tool. CDC’s recommended 45 cycles for swab analysis and the use of PCR testing were designed to vastly overstate the actual number of new “cases” by enhancing the numbers of false “positives.” PCR cannot be used to diagnose a case of any disease as it is a biochemical process that looks for a viral fragment (RNA) match that cannot be determined to come from an active virus without performing a serum test. Why not just use the serum test?

    The CDC has proactively worked to (1) vastly overstate “new cases,” (2) vastly overstate “Covid deaths,” and promote use of masks that have little to no efficacy against transmission of aerosol of respiration that may be laden with the virus. I refer to the blue/white paper disposable surgical masks that arguably create more opportunity to transmit bacteria and lower oxygen intake, conditions that oppose a healthy immune function.


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