Jennifer Pippin: “She Spews Hate.”

Vero Communiqué reported on May 25, 2022 about the lack of verbal civility during public comments at Indian River County school board meeting.

Comments cited in our report and written in comments received from the article included: “What a bunch of cowards.”

“You’re all racists…each and every one of you are racists. ““We’re sick and tired of your Commie-Marxist propaganda…and pushing axxl sex in the agenda.”

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Now there’s a lack of civility in written opinion pieces. 

On May 10, 2022, Jennifer Pippin, Chairman of Mom’s for Liberty Indian River Florida and Co-Founder We the People Indian River County, wrote an opinion piece in Indian River News calling out Stacey Klim, the leader of an Indian River County, FL task force.  Ms. Klim leads a task force of 15 community leaders who met eight times since October for two hours each, determining that mental health was the number one priority for the School District.  Related article below.

According to Ms. Pippin, “Stacey Klim isn’t someone I would trust to make decisions for my children, or anyone else’s…see how horribly she speaks of parents and community members. She spews hate throughout the county daily of sitting board members and people in the community. She’s a failed politician that lost her school board race years ago and is trying to stay relevant.”

This is a situation where someone of prominence is personally attacking a community advocate.  “She spews hate.”

According to Dice House University, “Personal Harassment is abusive, unfair, or demeaning treatment of a person or group of persons that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome and unwanted.”

Simarly, Law Insider defines Personal Harassment means any inappropriate behavior that is directed at and offensive to another person, and which the originator knew or ought to reasonably to have known would be unwelcome or cause offense.  It comprises objectional conduct, comment or display that demeans of causes humiliation or embarrassment.

Indian River News cites itself to be “Factual News, Conservative Opinions.”  The disclaimer on Ms. Pippens op ed was that “Indian River News is not responsible for the contents of this Editorial. The author has agreed to assume all responsibility for its contents.”

Frankly, we’re surprised and disappointed that Indian River News allowed such an opinion piece to be published in the first place.  According to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, the oldest organization representing journalism in the U.S, “ethical journalism treats sources, subjects, colleagues and members of the public a human being deserving of respect.  Balance the public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort.  Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance or undue intrusiveness.

Mom’s for Liberty Indian River Florida is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization. According to the Community Code of Contact for Nonprofit New York, an organization supporting over 4,700 nonprofit organizations over 35 years, “Verbal harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive verbal or written comments related… to expression. It also includes deliberate intimidation.”

Nonprofit New York’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy are adaptations of Code for America’s Community Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

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In her op ed Ms. Pippin curiously seems to endorse Paul Wescott for the School Board. “I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one member in the committee [the aforementioned Task Force?] who truly represents parents. Paul Wescott is the ONLY person I know and trust on this committee and would value any and everything he has to say as a parent and community member.” In fact Mr. Wescott is running for a position as a Trustee of the Indian River County Hospital District. Local Attorney Paul Westcott has filed to run on May 20th, for Indian River County Hospital District. The Seat he is looking to run for is Seat 4

10 thoughts on “Jennifer Pippin: “She Spews Hate.”

  1. Your publication is worthless as a source of news as it is nothing but a mouthpiece for your highly biased propaganda. You use it to attack those who do not share your radical ideology.

    You indulge in the worst kind of “hate articles” mindlessly attacking people who are simply trying to fight back against the attack on school-age students and their parents by elitists who think they are above accountability.

    The Board may deny parents and concerned citizens reasonable participation in important School Board actions, but you can be assured they will participate with their votes in the next School Board election. Then you can attack the voters for the sin of disagreeing with you.


  2. Dear Bob:

    You attack Tom and his VC publication as is your free speech right to so do.

    However you do not cite what your preferred “sources of news” are.

    Surely not Vero32963, Press Journal, Vero News, etc. ?

    Given a choice between arse kissing, sycophant, burn out, has been apologies for “journalists” this sorry County/City of ours has to offer, Tom /VC is THE gold standard “worthless publication” I would read and trust above any other bronze standard “worthless publication” on offer.

    So until such time, you cite and prove an alternative, schtum is your best option.

    Miles Conway, Ph.D.
    Proud Radical A1A Elitist


    • Unfortunately this is a hit piece against me with ZERO facts and all biased lies. So this opinionated blog garbage. Most of the “journalists” are in this county except Andy Hodges with Sebastian Daily and Ryan Blade with Indian River News. This isn’t news. It’s not being a true journalist. It’s an opinion of a op Ed I wrote based on facts that some cannot swallow. That’s the fact. Have a great night.


  3. Good morning! It’s PIPPIN, you cannot even spell my name correctly and call yourself a “journalist”. You misspelled many words and names in this blog. Also Paul Wescott isn’t running for school board, he’s running for hospital board. But again I guess facts don’t matter for your biased fan fiction blog.

    Everything I said is fact about her spewing hate. Check out her self proclaimed “Stacey Klim Advocate Page” on FaceBook if you want to vomit in your mouth a little bit. No facts, stats or the truth and she is a little obsessed with me. Sorry Stacey I’m married and not interested. I will continue to fight for ALL children and will call a spade a spade when it involves my children. As a mother of two teenagers and a tax payer I’m exercising my freedom of speech and 1st amendment rights as an American. Stacey has been disrespectful to many of our Moms for Liberty members and myself for years and again some proof of this is on her “advocate” page and I have over 100 screenshots people have sent me as well of her using foul language to them, name calling, threats and more. She’s not a
    leader and that was proven by her failed attempt to run for school board by the people of this county. Where’s that information in this blog? Non existent as usual. Another publication that’s better used as toilet paper. Nice try. And again if you are going to attempt to slander my name with your biased propaganda then get it right. Last name is PIPPIN. Bless your heart ❤️


  4. Funny how the Woke can curse, name-call, libel, dox, ANYTHING they feel like doing because THEY ALONE have given themselves permission.
    Who are the Deplorables, the Fearmongers, the stupid, backward Hicks who love God and guns? Who called them these nasty names?
    Mr. Hardi, you can stop your spewing and misinformation. And you teach kids to be journalists? I truly doubt that!
    Chris Kebbel


  5. What a trash left wing liberal hit piece! Moms for Liberty is amazing and this is totally false! Whoever wrote this should be fired and fined for fake “news”. Stacey K. Is a menace to our community. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


    • So true! I know you have experienced this first hand with this horrible human being Klim. Thank you for fighting for parental rights, children and the best education for children Melissa! Let’s the haters hate the lies be spread…we know the truth.


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