Kudos to State Senator Erin Grall, Voting Against SB 714.

Republican State Senator Erin Grall (District 54) stood up to Florida Senate Bill 714 on April 18 and voted no, voting to protect the property rights of her constituents. She had obviously drilled down into the restrictions SB 717 would impose on non-renters property rights.

Tallahassee has again and again been trying to get local governments to make every house in Indian River County abide by the same restrictions as rental houses.

SB 714 would impose short-term rental ordinances on all property owners rather than only on short-term property owners.

Such a the number of parked cars, occupancy and solid waste handling and containment requirements.

According to Miles Conway, president of The South Beach Property Owners Association, “It would create a condition impossible to implement and regulate and will cause untold hardships and restriction on 95% of bona fide residences in the County.” 

It should be noted that State Senator Debbie Mayfield voted in favor of the bill. Do her non-rental constituents realize what she just did for them?

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